Sunday, January 20, 2008


Akhenaten, also known as Amenhotep IV, was king of Egypt during the Eighteenth Dynasty and reigned from 1375 to 1358 B.C. Called the "religious revolutionary, " he is the earliest known creator of a new religion. The cult he founded broke with Egypt's traditional polytheism and focused its worship on a single deity, the sun god Aten.

Scarab Egyptian

Peer into the past and evoke the spirits of the Egyptian world with this beautiful Scarab Paperweight. The gold finish with color details will excite your mind and whisk you away back into history! Now you can bring all of Egypt's mysteries right into your own home or office.

Egyptian Cat

Sacred to the ancient Egyptians, cats were the special attribute of the goddess Bastet, the protectress of home, mothers, and children. Our reproduction is based on an original Egyptian sculpture from the Late Dynastic period (712–332 B.C.), now in the Museum's collection.